The Town House is situated in an upmarket, leafy suburb just minutes from the center of town. All that you are likely to hear apart from the chirping of birds and the distant hum of traffic, is the sound of tennis balls being hit by enthusiasts at the next door Gymkhana Sports Club! 


Our central location makes it easy to access from Arusha and Kilimanjaro airports, or by road from Dar es Salaam or Nairobi.

From The Town House visit local restaurants and taverns, enjoy the sights and sounds of the central market, spend a day or half a day in Arusha National Park, play some tennis or squash, walk the golf course, or even try a round of golf.

A garden in the heart of Arusha
Our large garden is a safe place for children to play, and to find quiet corners for guests to simply relax.
Key location facts,
1. Arusha Airport is 20 - 25 minutes away (traffic delays are rarely a problem depending on the routing).
2. Kilimanjaro Airport is 50 mins away.
3. Downtown (Arusha Clock Tower) is 8 minutes away.
4. The nearest restaurant (George's Tavern) is 5 minutes away.
4. Arusha National Park is 45 minutes away.
   Leafy Streets
Kanisa Rd & Haile Selassie Rd lead to The Town House at No 34

Location Highlights